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OpenGL Visual Stimuli in MATLAB®

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What is Stage?

Stage is a MATLAB based visual stimulus system for vision research. It provides a toolbox for writing visual stimulus routines.



Built-in Stimuli

Stage comes with a wide variety of built-in stimuli like rectangle, ellipse, grating, image, and movie. Stimuli may be layered and their attributes (position, size, orientation, color, opacity, etc.) animated to create complex presentations. View some example presentations below.

Masks and Filters

Stage supports real-time transparency masks and convolution filters. The use of shaders enable all effects processing to occur on the GPU. View some example presentations with masks and filters below.

Stage Server

Stage includes a Stage Server app to enable remote stimulus presentation across MATLAB sessions. The sessions may be running on the same machine or on separate machines across a network.


Symphony Integration

Stage integrates seamlessly with Symphony. Stage presentations may be created and displayed directly in Symphony protocols.


Built for Modern OpenGL

Stage was built for core OpenGL 3.2+ which enables it to be more efficient, flexible, and future-proof. The toolbox makes extensive use of vertex buffer and array objects as well as shaders.

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Free and Open Source

Stage is released under the MIT License, which is an open source license. Pull requests to the Stage-VSS GitHub organization are welcomed and encouraged.

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